I love to write and had been pondering about blogging for some time. Once my name had changed from Wilson to La Fevre I thought that seeing as my name sounds so exotic, I could definitely use it as a blogging persona- score.

On many occasions I have made a mental note about what articles I’d write if I had my own column in a newspaper (and the column was intended to offer a little light relief).

  • To Ding or Not to Ding? An Overly Polite, Less-than-Amateur’s Take on Cycling Etiquette.
  • The Joys of Having a Manfriend Who Is Unquestionably Cuter (and Smaller) Than You.
  • Idiomatic Faux-pas and Helenisms.
  • Fringes: the Pros and the Cons.

These, of course, are hardly stuff of substance; I realise this. I am, however, excited to use this blog to finally realise my dream of producing fairly humorous articles about, say, that time I lived in France, got my bike stolen, then bought it back, and left my rucksack and laptop as proof I’d return as I got money out from the nearest cash machine. Long Story.

Perhaps now and then I shall even throw about a few heavier words here and there. I’m also looking forward to using this space to splurge my teaching parps and, rather optimistically, successes as I go through my merry journey of becoming a secondary school teacher this academic year.

Oh, and maybe I’ll include a bit of crafty wedding/house advice/cookery for the time-constrained/ cheap travels and ourdoorsy happenings/ fashion for only moderately fashionable folkstories of my awkward Miranda-esque life.

Basically, the point of this blog is to ramble/witter/waffle and, in the process, hopefully brighten someone’s day.

And I’ll conclude with a Wordsworth quote because I’m wild like that and I did say I’d offer some more meaty lexis from time to time:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.

Ah, wait, just googled it to copy and paste it and turns out it’s Blake. Whoops. Still, great poetry…

à très bientôt



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